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The Brudda Story

Hi there, my name is Trevor, but you can call me Brudda. Growing up, going to school was never a simple task for me. I was diagnosed early on in my childhood with spastic cerebral palsy, drastically limiting my range of motion and making it difficult to do anything from walking to eating. Attending school can be daunting enough, and I quickly learned that having a disability can push you to the limits of what you can handle.


Throughout my academic career, I had the opportunity to attend not only your traditional brick-and-mortar public school but also a wide variety of charter school models ranging from independent study, to in-person, to meeting once a week with a faculty advisor. After a few years of juggling educational models, my family settled on a small private school, where I was granted a generous scholarship to finish my K-12 education.


After years of hard work, perseverance, and a commitment to myself never to settle for anything less than success, I was eventually admitted to the University of Pennsylvania.


While I love where I am now in my life, I can't help but think how life might have been easier if the pathways to an individualized education were made more apparent to me, as a student in need.


Fast forward a few years into the COVID-19 pandemic, I faced yet another crossroads in education. This time, though, it centered around my sister.


With our parents working full-time, I decided to step up and help in my sister's homeschooling. In an environment that was new to both of us, we had to experiment with different curriculums and schedules, textbooks, workbooks, and more to find something that fit. Admittedly, there were lots of laughs, tears, and, eventually, lots of fun.


My goal in starting was to eliminate that middle phase, allowing families to easily pursue supplemental curriculum, whether in homeschool, public school, charter school, or private school. A curriculum tuned to their child's needs, whether at grade level, below grade level, or well-exceeding grade level.


I will be working to develop a variety of modules on standards-based skills in the near and coming future; I hope that you can place your trust in Brudda as we create a more budget-friendly educational ecosystem geared toward individualized education.

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